Dreaming of ice

Sitting in a warm office at 3.30 pm on a Monday makes me dream a little. Not because I don’t want to be at work… OK, I totally don’t want to be at work today, which is also the reason, why I am writing this blog post as we speak. But being at work today, on a warm Monday makes me dream. I dream of all sorts of things, but most of all I dream of my summer holiday. Why? Because it is going to be awesome! I already started planning it months ago, and probably also some depressing day at work like today. Anyways, much work and effort has gone in to my planning, and I must admit I am quite pleased with my planned summer. Firstly I am going on my dream holiday. In July I will travel to Greenland, a place I have always dreamt about visiting. It is going to be awesome, and ridiculous. Ridiculously cool that is! Greenland is such an underrated holiday spot, and I cannot wait to go sea kayaking, whale watching, dog sledding, watching the northern lights and se the amazing nature. And when I get back from my travel to Greenland, I still have three more trips to take: One to Sardinia, One to a festival in Denmark and one to the Danish island Bornholm. It is going to be a pretty damn good summer I reckon!