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asset management

Tips to Integrating Your Asset Management System

Most people are not aware of the available features that can be used for asset management system integration. When you take advantage of easy integration, you benefit with more visibility, faster workflows, greater convenience, increased user adoption, and many more. Go through the tips below are find out ways to integrate your asset management system.

Brand template. When you integrate your asset management system with your brand, users will feel like they have never left the website of the company. Ensuring that the organization’s branding reflects your asset management system will give you so many benefits like making it easier for users to adopt the platform and for guests to sustain the branding that the company has created.

Embedded links. Embedded links save time publishing images from your asset management system account to other internet media outlets, sparing you from wasting time downloading the image only to upload it to another system. Embedded links condense all of this into a single step: just copy and paste the embedded link for easy integration into your website, blog, social media and more.

Custom URL. With a custom URL, the organization has the ability to keep your asset management system URL branded. This will ensure complete cohesion between your system and your website. Navigation is easy with a custom URL for anyone who visits or browse through your system account. Also, the URL is easier to remember so guests will know immediately where to go.

Share this. Social media has proven that it is here to stay. For those who want to save time, the assets in your asset management system account can now be easily shared. This feature will conveniently allow you to share assets at just a touch of a button, all without the need to sit through each social media site. Documents, pictures and other assets can now be shared straight from within the system.